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If your business requires bandwidth at greater speeds than a single T1 (1.5 mbps) provides but your needs are less than 12 mpbs, bonded T1 would be a good option for you. Bonded T1 is available in bandwidths ranging from 3 mbps (2 bonded T1 circuits) up to 12 mbps (8 bonded T1 circuits). Once you install your first bonded T1 circuit, you can increase your bandwidth in single T1 (1.5 mbps) increments. This method is preferable for businesses that need increased bandwidth but cannot afford thousands of dollars for larger circuits. Also, the installation time for an increase in bandwidth is much shorter for bonded T1 circuits vs. larger circuits. If you have bandwidth requirements of greater than 12 mbps, then fractional DS3, burstable DS3, full DS3 or fiber Ethernet may be better solutions for you.  

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